Grainger Ferrule Block Template Insert - 8 String, 10.5mm Spacing

Grainger Ferrule Block Template Insert - 8 String, 10.5mm Spacing


The Grainger Ferrule Block router template insert set is part of a modular long life template system. 

Precision Manufactured from 8mm thick clear acrylic sheet and engraved with the part number of the matching ferrule block and which pocket it produces to remove ambiguity. 

The template inserts are used in conjunction with the master template (bought separately) and allow quick, accurate routing of the ferrule block pockets.  The template inserts adjust the routing path of the cutter ensuring the guide bush and the cutter being used in the router do not need to be changed to achieve the different pocket sizes required to flush fit the ferrule block, you only need to adjust the cut depth!

These template inserts are for the GFB-8105, 8 String, 10.5mm Spacing Guitar Ferrule Block

Please note our guitar ferrule block template inserts have been designed to use an 18mm guide bush (Dimensional information on the guide bush was obtained from Trend tools UK) and to be used with a 10mm cutter.  We advise the use of a quality cutter brand and to test cut the pocket before cutting your guitar body