Grainger Bass Bridge Drilling Template Insert - LRBB419

Grainger Bass Bridge Drilling Template Insert - LRBB419


The Grainger bass bridge drilling template insert set is part of a modular long life template system. 

Precision Manufactured from 8mm thick clear acrylic sheet and engraved with the part number of the matching bass bridge and recommended intonation line to remove ambiguity and increase accuracy. 

The template insert is used in conjunction with the master template (bought separately) and allows quick and accurate drilling of the string through holes and mounting screw holes for the Grainger 4 String, 19mm Spacing Lock & Rock Bass Bridge.  The drill bushes are made from high strength alloy steel which has been through hardened to ensure it does not wear out during continued operation and use.  This ensures your investment in our template and tooling systems are a long term if not life long 

These template inserts are for the LRBB-419, 4 String, 19mm spacing bass bridge

Please note our bass bridge drilling template insert has been designed to be used a 5mm diameter drill for the string though holes and a 2.5mm diameter drill for the mounting screws.  We advise the use of a quality drill brand and to test drill the mounting pattern before drilling your guitar body