Grainger Ferrule Block/Bridge Master Template

Grainger Ferrule Block/Bridge Master Template


The Grainger Ferrule Block/Bridge master template is a modular long life template system. 

Precision Manufactured from 8mm thick clear acrylic sheet and engraved with the precise centre lines of ferrule block and bridge string through holes the master template can be easily aligned to your guitar body centreline.  Once clamped in position the close fitting template inserts are placed into the rectangular cut out and routing/drilling can begin. 

The master template is used in conjunction with a pair of template inserts for ferrule block installation or a single template insert for bridge drilling (bought separately) which match the ferrule block/bridge to be installed.  For the ferrule block installation the template inserts adjust the routing path of the cutter ensuring the guide bush and the cutter being used in the router do not need to be changed to achieve the different pocket sizes required to flush fit the ferrule block, you only need to adjust the cut depth! 

For bridge installation the bridge template insert guides the drill through hardened bushes to exact positioning of string and screw holes for the Grainger bridge range.  The bridge template inserts are engraved with our recommended intonation line relative to the position of the string through holes for easy and accurate positioning of the templates relative to the guitar body

We have also designed this modular template system to cover all of the sizes in our ferrule block and bridge range from 6 string guitars with 10.5mm spacing up to 9 string guitars with 10.5mm spacing blocks as well as covering the 4 and 5 string bass range of bridge and ferrule blocks!!

This mean you only need one master template to cover the whole range of sizes and then select the template inserts to match the ferrule blocks/bridges you plan to use.  This saves cost and storage space, makes the job quicker as you're not having to change cutters or guide bushes and improves accuracy as the master template doesn't have to be moved or changed during the routing operation.

Please see template insert listings for required cutter and guide bush sizes