Aurora Strings, 6 String, 10-46 Gauge

Aurora Strings, 6 String, 10-46 Gauge

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Strings by Aurora is proud to bring their coloured line of guitar strings to guitarists throughout the world.  Aurora Produces top of the line guitar strings that combine tried and true winding methods with the latest technology - producing the most brilliant and durable colours and coatings

Strings by Aurora manufacture their strings in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA using materials and components fully sourced within the US. Aurora produce their own wire, apply the patented enamel coats and precision wind the strings all in house with all processes meticulously overseen by master craftsmen, drawing over 60 years of experience

The result is a truly unique set of strings, available in a multitude of vibrant colours and clear coated sets that sound as awesome as they look

Number of Strings - 6

Gauge Range - 10-46

Gauges - 10 Plain, 13 Plain, 17 Plain, 26 Wound, 36 Wound, 46 Wound

Wrap Material - Coloured & Clear coated strings are silver plate on a Nickel plated steel core, Black coated strings are a nickel plated steel core

Construction - Round Wound

Core - Hex

End - Single Ball End

Coating - Coloured or Clear Enamel Coating

Aurora's coloured premium electric guitar strings deliver a smooth playing experience and an all round better sound, the enamel coating extends the life of the string far beyond that of standard strings!

**Please note, colour coated strings will wear and loose their colouring around picking areas and, in heavier playing, at fret contact areas over time.  It is important to understand the string is still coated and the life of the string and the tone are not affected due to colour wear**